Growth Strategies for Fifth and Sixth World Nations

by Hon. Most Rev. Dr. Cesidio Tallini

Professor Emeritus of Fourth and Fifth World Studies
Saint René Descartes University

The Fourth and Fifth World Chasm
By the way, in case you hadn't noticed, the website of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) is back online.
According to Article 6(a) of the UNPO covenant, a 'nation' or 'people' is: "A group of human beings which possess the will to be identified as a Nation or a People[;] and to determine its common destiny as a Nation or a People[;] and is bound by a common heritage which can be historical, ethical, racial, linguistic, cultural, religious or territorial."
It should be noted that if your nation has been around for 5 years, as is the case of fairly old TTF-Bucksfan, still active and strong as it ever was, that hardly constitutes a 'history.' Even respectable company histories are usually longer than that.
If the race of which your people is comprised of is the Indigo race, a phenotype more than a genotype, although it is a true phenotype, this is hardly universally accepted as a 'race.'
The fact most of your people speak English, hardly constitutes an autochthonous 'language' in any shape or form, since English is a first or native language in many countries, and practically a second or auxiliary language worldwide.
If the favourite food of your nation is chocolate, that hardly constitutes a 'culture.'
If you follow a fairly orthodox faith, such as Christianity in its various forms, or no faith whatsoever, that hardly constitutes an autochthonous 'religion.'
Finally, it should be noted that unless your people live close to one another, and the individual properties actually border each other, you really don't possess a 'territory,' even when you do legally own the property, and your nationals legally own theirs!
To be fair, to have a nation or a people you don't necessarily need ALL of the attributes such as a history, a distinct race, language, culture, religion, or territory, but it seems that all micronations (Sixth World), and virtually all Fifth World nations wouldn't have much to hang on by following strict UNPO definitions.
Translation: as much as you would like to think of you entity as a 'nation,' and perhaps your entity does genuinely possess some of the attributes associated with nationhood, or even statehood, it wouldn't be considered such by UNPO.
UNPO also defines a 'nation' or 'people' as: "a section of people constituting a minority, living in a portion of its ancestral territory, [and] incorporated into a state other than a state represented by that people." It should be noted that according to UNPO definitions also, "a territory is ancestral when it is inhabited by a People for 500 years or longer."
If you were realistic enough to think that 5 years may not be enough to call your entity a nation, but maybe 25 might be, and you are still young, and already the Monarch of this entity, I have news for you: don't hold your breath! Not only is there a dividing line between the Fourth and Fifth Worlds, but the dividing line is actually a chasm.

What Your Nation Really Is
Friend, you are not a 'living organism' according to the biologists of UNPO; you are, at best, a cell, or maybe tiny group of cells, that have fairly recently separated from the living organism called a First, Second, or Third World nation.
No, you are not an eardrum, which may be important to the 'Command Centre' of the living organism, you are not a finger, not even the stinky genitals! You are just a cell, or a few cells, that have recently separated from the living organism, that act like a missing eardrum, but really aren't, and actually you are so irrelevant that even the undemocratic living organism you separated from doesn't feel threatened by you, or by the lack of you! By the way, good luck: now you are going to have to live outside of the living organism all by yourself!

Growing Fifth World Cultures in a Petri Dish
Of course, the more attributes of nationhood you grow from now on, the better the chances of your nation surviving into the future, but even that doesn't completely ensure that your nation has a future, and in the meantime you only have a struggle, and little or none of the satisfactions that come from true independence or autonomy.
What is clearly needed at this stage is a 'petri dish for Fifth World cultures,' a medium that optimises the growth of nationalistic tendencies outside of the living organism, which currently holds the monopoly on national personhood.
Lets start with the 'national' or 'people' persona, and later we will discuss the 'state' or 'organisational' one. You need a history to be a nation, right? Start writing it down! If you can't write down a single development in 3 to 6 months, cannot mention anything new but some stupid national anniversary, or other rhetorical event, then your nation is no longer growing, and maybe you should ally yourself with a growing Fifth World nation that can incorporate your nation, and turn your nation into a 'territory' or 'province' of that nation, or perhaps a sub-organisation of that nation.
Nations need a distinct ethnicity or race, right? Why not consider accepting only White people in your nation, or only Black people? Sure, it may sound racist, but then Tibetans wouldn't consider you part of their nation either, when you really think about it.
Or maybe you should try the approach I've adopted: TTF-Bucksfan accepts people that are not White like me (Tallinians and Bucksfanians are actually White, Black, and Asian from a racial standpoint), but even though they may not share my same or similar genotype, they must share my same or similar phenotype (strong character or personality type), and the phenotype must be Indigo. I'm not 100% certain on every Tallinian or Bucksfanian, but at least 90% are clearly of the Indigo race in this aspect — read Quantum Anthropological Leap Part 2 for detailed information on the different kinds of Indigos, that is, the different Indigo ethnic groups. (The whole Quantum Anthropological Leap series can be read at the following links: [1], [2], and [3].)
Nations need a distinct language, right? It doesn't make much sense to create a new language from scratch, and this will discourage otherwise promising nationals from joining your nation, but then why not formally adopt some of the vocabulary you are reading here, and perhaps some of that micronational vocabulary that you find meaningful? Make an official English word list, that is, and include as many of the words you cannot find in the best dictionary in your National Dictionary and/or Encyclopaedia.
Some words you can start with? Here's a good starting point: Biel Mean Time (BMT), Cesidian Law (jus cerebri electronici), Inclusive Namespace, Indigo, Internet Time, jus cerebri electronici (Law of the Server), jus sanguinis (Law of Consanguinity), jus soli (Law of the Soil), macronation, micronation, micronational, micronationalist, micropatriologist, micropatriology, Native Webian, Quintomondista, Roman Law (jus soli/jus sanguinis), Fourth World, Fifth World, Sixth World, Seventh World, tribalisation (or tribalization), tribalised (or tribalized), untribalised (or untribalized), and webindigenous. This list is by no means definitive, but it is a starting point, and the language is distinctive.
Nations need a distinct culture, right? Culture is a broad concept, but can you think of something peculiar and specific about your nation? I know I can think of several Cesidian, Tallinian, and Bucksfanian things, but can you say the same of your nation? There is no need to create simply for the love of creation, of course, but if you have a distinctive national life, you will most likely find something very distinctive about your nation, and perhaps even several distinctive things. Make a list of them, try to define them, and add them to your distinctive national vocabulary. And keep on adding to that list: that's how you build a national culture. Also, educate your people about these things; if you do these things, or only your household does, then that is just a family tradition, but if many of your people do them, then that becomes a national tradition through time.
Nations need a distinct religion, right? Again, this is not necessary, but merely accepting the pan-hoopla of faiths already in existence doesn't help build a national character. Also, you should consider that the things you truly believe in can start out as your own personal religion, but once structured and organised in a meaningful way, these can become a new religion or religious philosophy.
Nations need a distinct territory, right? As I said before, to have a nation or people you don't necessarily need ALL of the attributes of nationhood, so perhaps here you can start drawing the line of difference between the Fourth World and the Fifth, although the line here is not quite distinct from the upper atmosphere. Sure, you can claim land that is really unclaimable by international treaty or convention such as Antarctic territories, or land on the surface of Mars, but is that where you live in the meantime, or where you even plan on living? In the meantime your nation really lives on the Internet, so why not start staking a REAL CLAIM there? Moreover, if you really think land is important, then why not get yourself a territorial claim that is so irregular, that you can actually argue it is so eccentric and ephemeral that it is practically a micronational territory anyway, and thus claim of a small piece of UMMOA?

Turning Fifth World Petri Dish Cultures into Living Organisms
Okay, so now you've got your act together, and you are truly turning that hopeful micronation into a real Fifth World nation, but how do you grow that undifferentiated cellular blob into a reasonably sophisticated state (living organism)?
Here's a hint: bureaucracy, bureaucracy, and more bureaucracy! Your national culture may be doing just fine, and your people may be blissful about their newly found culture and traditions, but can you go before UNPO and tell them that your governmental organisation truly represents your people?
How are all those Fifth World cells organised into specialised organs, like companies, churches, and universities; and how are all those organs assembled into a fully functional and independent living organism, the Fifth World quasi-state?
No, you don't need to get an army, or a policing force, because you don't have a territory to defend, and trust me, nobody anytime soon will attempt to take your ancestral territories on Mars.
Lets be practical! Why don't you start by getting some decent virus protection for that computer? It is what helps to keep and organise your virtual realm, so why do you pay so little attention to these things? How about going all the way with security protection by getting yourself the latest version of Norton Internet Security™? Do you know how many hackers are out there sending Trojan horses at your computer? You'd be shocked if I told you how often they throw those things at my computer.
Have you considered purchasing a domain? You mean to tell me you're the King or Emperor of Bodacious Medusa, also known as 'BM' to BeeMedusian cognoscenti, and you don't have your own version of Buckingham Palace? Give me a break! And have you considered getting an alternative domain, perhaps even a Top-Level Domain if you can handle the hefty price and/or responsibility? You might just be able to afford it, if you get rid of that fuel-guzzling, Al Queda-sponsoring automobile of yours! Sure, those links may be 'the road less travelled,' but don't you know that in this business 'the road less travelled' is usually the best road to travel on? After all, as a micronational or Quintomondista, you don't need a Mercedes, but an all-terrain Land Rover!
And what about the legalities of your nation? Have you considered developing some simple legal code everyone can adhere to? Constitutions are for lawyers, fellas, so why do you want nothing but lawyers as citizens? You need your own version of the Golden Rule, otherwise you really don't have a 'juris-diction' — get it?
What is also most appropriate in the transition phase from Fifth World nationhood to Fifth World statehood is developing real organisations out of your national or governmental one. I'm not talking about that 'University of Oz' you probably can't handle intellectually in a credible manner, at least not alone, or that 'Church of Santayana' with few or no church followers. I'm talking about an authentic International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO). If there is something you and a few people in your nation are good at, you should now be contemplating on turning that skill and knowledge into a true non-profit, and perhaps even go further after that by seeking international recognition for your organisation.
After all, it is probably almost impossible for a Fifth World nation to gain any privileges at the UN, but it still may be possible for a really good Fifth World NGO to gain consultative status at the UN. That's not national recognition, but it definitely is international esteem for your nation's special organisation, and quite frankly it would put even a lot of Fourth World nations to shame, and even change the world.

** Nota Bene: article was updated 15 December 2008.