What's the level of development of my country?

This article is dedicated to "President Harry", as he has been defined in a fairly sympathetic article in The Star. I hope with this article he either changes career, or sticks to traditional politics, for he certainly has lots of potential in the latter, being an intelligent and handsome chap.

Nation-building is very different from traditional politics, and at lower levels has more in common with entrepreneurship or business creation. If Harry isn't completely discouraged by this article, I hope he will at least realise how hard it is to actually build a real working community at first, and later a community which is also designed to protect human rights. Yes, that's what real nations are for, not ego trips.
Cesidian political science general rule number one: you are "something" — eg, a nation, a town, or a state — if you strongly and indisputably project that image in the world, and/or you are recognised by an equivalent "something" — ie a nation, a town, or a state.

If the entity has a strong influence over a real world or tangible micronation (it must be a real community, otherwise it is not a polity), band, or clan (small businesses or local non-profits are also at the same level, although they have a more limited purpose), it is a micronation, a polity, and at least a Sixth World nation. The United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) [1, 2, 3, 4], or more accurately, what would be later territorially defined as the UMMOA, reached this stage in September 2005, when it started the Cesidian Root as an independent root server system.

In case you are wondering how long it took from "declaration of independence", that is from the start of The Tallini Family (TTF), until the "ground floor" stage of nationhood, well, it took about 6 years and 10 months. By the way, I wasn't 12, or 14, or 16 years old either, and actually I wasn't even 18 when that occurred. I was 43 years old. Maybe I'm a late bloomer, and maybe it took longer because this Cesidian political science did not exist before I actually started it, but even if you started at 15, you would be no younger than 21 before actually reaching little more than the "ground floor". Smiling in front of the cameras might help, but it is real work to build a real nation, and without a first real world institution, you simply don't have a real nation, which is a working nation, not a plaything.

If the entity has a strong influence over a real world or tangible parish, nation (without a state), tribe (the recognised tribe variety is best), or public neotribe (alternative IGOs such as the ISPSP, or national companies, or NGOs are also at the same level), it is a Fifth World nation. There are several stages in the Fifth World, but the highest stage is when the polity has a strong influence over a real world entity which is much wider in scope (and in temporal origin) than a single business or organisation.

The UMMOA reached this stage in December 2009 when William Cullen Bryant University introduced what it called "Progressive degrees". Basically William Cullen Bryant University had not only accepted what may be loosely defined as the "Fifth World process", as opposed to the traditional degree system of the Bologna process, but had made the system its very own even defining its degrees as "Progressive degrees". William Cullen Bryant University, in turn, was actually maintained by a church, the Church of Nobles of Present-Day Brethren, which was in turn run by Sir Rev. Dr. Joe David Warner, of the Regal House of Warner (Royal House of Angevin-Plantagenet of Warenne) [5, 6]. Yes, getting there was a little more complicated than organising a picnic in the park.

If the entity has a strong influence over a real world or tangible village or burgh, (de facto) state, confederation, or diaxenospitia (nation or people IGOs such as the OEAS or UNPO, multinational companies, or international NGOs are also at the same level), it is a Fourth World nation. There are several stages in the Fourth World, but the highest stage is when the polity has a strong influence over a real world entity which is both wider in scope than a single business or organisation, and which enjoys extensive international recognition.

The UMMOA is definitely Fourth World material, having gone through the major media accolade phase in March 2012 (you cannot realistically be Fourth World material without this international media moment), when the Cesidian Root and the UMMOA received the FoxNews.com accolade (and "expression of unrecognition" by no other entity than the US Department of the Interior, the fellows which deal directly with Native Americans and Native American reservations, but who also coordinate federal policy in US territories):


Yes, if at first they deny you exist in a very public way, then eventually they will have to admit that you do, also in a very public way. If that hasn't happened yet, you are nowhere even close to Gandhi material.

The UMMOA also went through the juridical recognition phase when in May 2012 the OEAS recognised 11 insular Ummoagian claims (this development was proceeded by actual recognition of the OEAS, a nation or people IGO, and recognition of a single insular claim, the Geyser Reef claim):


In the last phase, loosely defined as the "Empirical but not juridical state" phase, the UMMOA would have to be recognised by at least one UN Member State as a State or Nation. The UMMOA only seems headed in that direction, since the Ryamecah Declaration's de facto acceptance in China in April 2013.

I estimate that we are no more than three to six months away from the highest stage as a Fourth World nation.

However, I hope you've noticed that the UMMOA doesn't pride itself like Abkhazia, or Somaliland, on control of a territory (like Montevideo Convention fundamentalists), because it is actually a potential junior microstate. It already showed this by "stealing the heart" of a genuine Royal Family (an exalted clan, or a parish or nation). As such, it is more likely that the UMMOA achieves its objectives when a UN Member State "falls in love" with any aspect of its culture, or with the nation in all its complexity. States like Abkhazia and Somaliland exhibit the arrogant and masculine side of Statehood. There are no junior microstates, no junior Monacos in existence, so the UMMOA may become the first such entity in a long time.

First World

Second World

Third World De jure State Juridical and empirical state Ghana
Quasi-state Juridical state only Somalia
Fourth World De facto state Empirical but not juridical state Ryamecah Declaration becomes available in China [04/2013]
De jure nation/tribe Juridical and empirical nation/tribe OEAS recognition of 11 insular claims [05/05/2012]
Quasi-nation/tribe Juridical nation/tribe only CRt and UMMOA receive major media accolade [02/03/2012]
Fifth World De facto nation/tribe Empirical but not juridical nation/tribe WCBU introduces progressive degrees [24/12/2009]
De jure clan/band Juridical and empirical clan/band United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago [22/07/2008]
Quasi-clan/band Juridical clan/band only Independent Long Island [22/09/2007]
Sixth World De facto clan/band Empirical but not juridical clan/band Cesidian Root [30/09/2005]

HMRD Cesidio Tallini [7, 8]