Are you a societalist?
  1. Advocacy for, or work toward protecting natural (i.e. grassroots) society from pollution or destruction (by big government and its unique, as well as associated nefarious and detrimental religious, business, and media influences).
  2. The theory that natural (i.e. grassroots) society, rather than big (or major) religion, big (or multinational) business, big (or mainstream) media, big (or tyrannical) government, are the primary influence on (and requirement for) healthy intellectual growth and cultural development.
[Origin: 2015; < societ(y) + al + ism]

—Related forms

so·ci·e·tal·ist, noun
so·ci·e·tal·is·tic, so·ci·e·tal·is·ti·cal, adjective
so·ci·e·tal·is·ti·cal·ly, adverb


Fifth World·ism, mi·cro·na·tion·al·ism, grass·roots de·moc·ra·cy, com·mu·ni·tar·i·an·ism


First World·ism, Big gov·ern·ment, stat·ism, stat·ol·a·try, mo·noc·ra·cy
—Supplementary analysis

  1. Of, or relating to the structure, organisation, or functioning of natural (i.e. grassroots) society (uncontaminated by big (or major) religion, big (or multinational) business, big (or mainstream) media, or big (or tyrannical) government, and their nefarious and detrimental influences).
  2. Noting or pertaining to natural (i.e. grassroots) social groups, or to their activities, customs, etc.
  3. Belonging to or typical of society, especially in its organisation.
  1. One that performs a specified action: lobbyist.
  2. One that produces, makes, operates, plays, or is connected with a specified thing: novelist.
  3. A specialist in a specified art, science, or skill: biologist.
  4. An adherent or advocate of a specified doctrine, theory, or school of thought: anarchist.
  5. One that is characterised by a specified trait or quality: romanticist.
  1. an expert on societal problems.
  2. a person who advocates or works for the protection of individuals, families, small groups and communities, and other natural (i.e. grassroots) organisations, from the nefarious and detrimental effects of big (or major) religion, big (or multinational) business, big (or mainstream) media, and big (or tyrannical) government.
  3. a person who believes that differences between individuals or groups, especially in moral and intellectual attributes, are predominantly determined by societal factors.

N.B.: This word was coined on 4 February 2015 (V:09B2015) by Hon Most Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini.

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