The world ended yesterday (seriously)

Yesterday, 4 February 2015, the world ended, believe it or not!

How did the world come to an end? It took only one word, but I have to admit that the word weighs more than a ton of bricks.

I realised that the world had come to an end when I figured out that my principal profession, for at least the past 17 years, has been that of the societalist.

The funny thing is this: the moment I realised I was a societalist, that is, that something was wrong with the words society and societal, and that the words can be used in a manner similar to the words environment and environmental, I also found, almost immediately after, a phrase by James Madison — second President of the United States, and one of the Washington-Madison-Jefferson US secular trinity — that essentially said this: yes, Mr Tallini, you are right!

A societalist, as the detailed article below shows, is someone who advocates for societalism, and societalism has everything to do with Jesus's definition of "neighbour", everything to do with real Christianity on steroids, as well as everything to do with Romanism on a heart-lung machine...

Basically I discovered that the world had ended because a true Christian is actually a societalist, and a phoney Christian is a Romanist.

Are you a societalist?
HMRD Cesidio Tallini [1, 2]
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